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2017 Western China International Art Biennale  Recruitment of Volunteers
The volunteers of 2017 Western China International Art Biennale have the opportunity to communicate with and acquaint themselves with many renowned artists.  This opportunity can also enable them to know the friends who have the same interests in art.  The volunteers of the Biennale will be able to share their knowledge of art and their passion for art with the visitors, who will be impacted by the enthusiasm of the volunteers.  This unique job opportunity will give the volunteers the privilege to appreciate the art.  The volunteers’ participation in this event will contribute to the development and popularization of the contemporary Chinese art.
The guides will have a number of duties to perform, starting with the tour guide and exhibition explanation.  The guides are required to prepare a list of all the major exhibits to give the visitors a unique artistic experience.  When the tour is finished, the guides shall collect the survey forms completed by the visitors.  During the time when the exhibition is closed, the guides shall participate in other activities arranged by the organizing committee.
The administrators are responsible for receiving and welcoming the guests and visitors, i.e., providing ticket booking and information service, preparing the venue and collecting the information.  The administrators shall have such traits as friendliness, patience, conscientiousness, sensitivity to the details, good communication ability and coordination ability.  The administrators shall also have some knowledge of the contemporary art and the ability to edit the information of the exhibition.
Media editor
The media editors are responsible for communicating with the press and media, editing the official website, drafting the documents for the exhibition and collecting and editing the photos.  The media editors are required to participate in the small-scale publicity events, and to plan and organize the events.  The media editors shall have an acute mind, strong communication ability and some knowledge of the contemporary art.  They shall also be able to edit photos. They are required to have such traits as patience and working under the pressure.  The candidates with media work experience and a strong sense and keen awareness of news are preferred.
Member of the support team
Members of the support team have the responsibility of managing and distributing the materials of the exhibition, publicity resources and other instruments.  They are also required to participate in other kinds of events.  They shall have such traits as conscientiousness, sensitivity to data and ability to use Excel.
1. The age of the candidates shall be above 18 before September 15, 2017.
2. If admitted, the volunteers shall participate in the training in accordance with their jobs.
3. If admitted, the volunteers shall finish all the required work.  If they are not able to finish the tasks for some reasons, the volunteers shall inform the organizing committee in a formal letter.  The volunteers will be dismissed if they are absent from the work or training three times.
4. The copyright of the photos, videos and other written materials arising from the exhibition belongs to the organizing committee and shall not be used for other purposes without permission.
5. The volunteers shall abide by the rules of the organizing committee and wear the required uniforms.
6. The height of the volunteers for the reception work shall be above 165 cm (female) and 175 cm (male).  
7. The guides will work on shifts starting from September 15, 2107.  They can choose their working hours from the following arrangement.
10:00 – 18:00 (one hour break from 12:00 to 13:00)
10:00 – 14:00
14:00 – 18:00
Benefits of the volunteers
1. A letter of appreciation from the organizing committee of 2017 Western China International Art Biennale.
2. A T-shirt of limited edition from 2017 Western China International Art Biennale.
3. Souvenirs from 2017 Western China International Art Biennale (a note book, a refrigerator magnet etc.)
4. A pictorial signed by the curator of 2017 Western China International Art Biennale.
5. The volunteers with excellent performance shall receive a document of internship.
6. The volunteers with excellent performance shall receive a certificate and have the opportunity to continue to work for the Biennale.
How to Apply
1. Subscribe to our Wechat official account of 2017 Western China International Art Biennale (westbiennale). Reply with “volunteers” for application form.  The organizing committee will reply to your email or call you after reviewing your application. The time for interview will be publicized.
2. If the volunteer is admitted after the interview, he will be dispatched to his post and the training session will begin.
Contact us
Telephone: 86-471-4675858
Email: committee@westartbiennale.com
Website: www.westartbirnnale.cn
Address: 18th Floor, Dongfangyinzuo, Building 3, East Hailar Street, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia

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