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Theme of the Exhibition: Uniqueness and Locale —— A Visual Interpretation of the “Belt and Road Initiative”.
Philosophy of the Exhibition: To Explain the Reality in Today’s World via a Visual Attitude
    In the Context of Globalization,  China, a country where the economic miracle has been created, is facing a critical moment of the coexisting crisis and opportunity. The conflicts and challenges which confront China are also encountered in an international realm.  Such increasingly acute issues as environmental pollution, resource exhaustion, aging population, an increasing number of innovations in science and technology, international terrorism and geo-political conflicts etc. are almost simultaneously experienced by all nations in the world. In this complex international situation, China is playing an increasingly important role. Artists from China and other countries are not only the culture ambassadors representing their own countries, but also the representatives of the humankind with the common aspiration. Western China International Art Biennale, as a unique locale, will certainly provide inspirations to the artists from all over the world in their creative thinking. With their unique attitude, which is different from the attitude in any art history, they will use their visual means to interpret, explain, justify, retrospect, and predict the evolution from yesterday to today and from today to tomorrow.
    Western China International Art Biennale, as a well-known international culture and art exhibition, will attract the attention from people all over the world as it is going to be hosted in Hohhot, the capital city of Inner Mongolia. This location is of great significance because Hohhot is a city of link in the “Belt and Road Initiative.” Due to its importance in the international art exchange and communication, this art biennale will help to lay a solid foundation for this newly arising city of cultural and artistic charisma and will contribute to the growing cultural soft power of Hohhot.

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